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Sri Asia is one of the oldest and most established travel companies in Myanmar. It was founded 25 years ago. Our accumulated experience has stood the test of time. Our aim is rightly said to be:

“To use our accumulated experience to meet and surpass the needs and requirements of our guests via our professionalism determination, energy and attention to detail.”

As a company, we take seriously our role of contributing to the responsible development of tourism in Myanmar. We ensure that all our programs cause minimal environmental impact and that we act respectfully towards the local culture and wherever possible make sure the local community shares in the benefits of tourism. We hire local guides to accompany you; this not only gives our guests a deep insight and connection to the places they visit, but also contributes towards employment and the on going economic benefit to the region.

We also support sustainable development in the more remote areas they you may visit. We do this through direct donation for projects such as, providing solar panels for light and safe water projects. We facilitate any donations from our guests, which go to provide schoolbooks and general supplies for schools that receive little help from the Government.

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Customize your tour

Tours can also be tailor-made to guests’ requests with the addition seasoning of our experienced tourist guides and staff so as to epitomize travellers’ stay in Myanmar. We design trips to all kinds of groups; family tour, friends, hiking groups and so forth. We go off the track to plan with you vacations and activities to fit your schedules. We assure a pleasantly surpirse and conjure a remarkable dream trip for you and yours.