Elephant camps

There are a number of Elephant camps within three hours drive of Yangon or around the main centres. The elephants are still used for logging, they are not just for the tourists. They give you a fascinating insight into the relationship between man and beast.


Pagodas and Monasteries

There are a vast array of both in the country. Many are located off the main tourist trails. We can arrange visits to these locations. Many of the monasteries are run as schools by monks. They welcome visitors who often stay for a few days to help out in the school.


Scuba Diving

The very South of the country offers some world class diving. Trips are mainly run on liveaboard boats and cruises typically last between four and six days. You visit some truly stunning deserted islands and you will certainly come across the Sea Gypsies who spend most of their time fishing and diving for pearls.



There are many opportunities throughout the country for trail biking. We supply the bikes and support teams. You do not have to be an expert. There are differing trails and quiet roads that wind through some stunning countryside. We have programs from the cities and towns to the countryside.


River Rafting

There are number of rivers that offer rafting. Most trips have an overnight on a beautiful riverbank. The rivers are North of Mandalay to Putao in the Northern most part of the country. All our guides and equipment are the best and safety is of the utmost importance. Rivers are generally graded as 2 plus so this is an adventure for all. The surrounding scenery is stunning.


There are many stunning areas to trek in Myanmar. We offer the easier treks in and around the Kalaw area to the more difficult and longer treks lasting up to 16 days which are based out of Putao in the very North of the country. Many of these treks are through the snowline.


Train Journeys

In recent years a number of private companies have opened up that offer train travel in style. They operate on some of the main lines and ply between the main cities. There are also a number of small gauge trains that offer three hour trips. We can also offer shorter trips on public trains which enable you to witness how the locals travel and move their goods. This is always an interesting experience. In the North of the country there are also some classic viaducts that trains cross.


Once it was only the military who played golf. They always chose the best locations for courses. Most of these courses have now been taken over by private enterprises. Many have been completely upgraded and offer first class golf. We can arrange a round of golf on many of these courses.


There are still many areas of the country where you can find wonderful antiques. Many are from the Colonial era and can be sourced from a network. Most end up in Yangon and an interesting couple of days can be arranged to search out what you may be looking for. We can arrange shipping and where required permits