River Cruise Along Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers

Possessing numerous springs and rivers, running into Andamen sea and the Bay of Bangal. Myanmar makes a great number of cruise service available, offering breath-takingly exciting experience and sights to the visitors.

Witnessing genuine rural lifestyle along the riverbank, tourists can also enjoy comfort and luxury on board.

Irrawaddy cruise must not be missed as it is along the lifeblood of Myanmar, featuring sights of pagodas. Some of which have been well-preserved and others, in half-ruin in Mandalay and Bagan alike.

Rural lifestyles can also be witnessed in an unpretentious context while, if luck, tourists can marvel the Irrawaddy dolphins, tamed sea beasts, who try to survive the projected extinction.

Approximately 500,000 Buddha images, hosted in Mohnyin Thanboddhay, along with an amazing labyrinths and gigantic standing Buddha can be admired in Monywa, too if visitors flew down the Chindwin river, the primary tributary one of Irrawaddy.




Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago Cruises

Fantastic but off-beaten Myeik Archipelago also welcomes those, dying for virgin places in Myanmar. Special permits from the government is still essential though but they will be issued upon proper application.

With the varying sizes and shapes, Myeik Archipelago showcases peerless marine life and unspoilt coral reefs, whish is why those cruise ships find it appealing.

The sea gypsies or Sa Lone people, still leading the nomadic lives in such time, might also be fascinating for visitors. Those Sa lone, if admitted could be able to break world records in international contests when it comes to free-diving and holding their breath under sea with no oxygen-supplies.